State Street (STT) was supposed to be relatively immune to the credit crisis.  Think again.  (,, 24/7 Wall St.)

Do investors in the SPDR family of ETFs need to worry?  (

Toxic assets aside, Bank of America (BAC) has a serious communication problem.  (Deal Journal)

Bank market capitalizations are a shadow of their former selves.  (Infectious Greed)

The use of long-term trendlines implies the future will be somewhat like the past.  (Clusterstock)

When you are doing trading systems testing, make sure you are using the right data.  (MarketSci Blog)

What do sector momentum leaders tell us about the state of the stock market?  (Aleph Blog)

Two VIX ETNs are on the way.  (

The muni bond rally is running out of gas.  (Money & Co.)

“(A) lot of the increase in ‘absolute yield’ levels of Investment Grade Corporate Bond indices are due to a worsening of credit, not necessarily pure market opportunity.”  (EconomPic Data)

Tim Geithner is not going to get a honeymoon as Treasury Secretary.  (, Market Movers)

“Popular coverage of the “markets” in the US focuses on the equity market. But the capacity of the US to sustain its low savings rate hinged not on foreign demand for US equity but rather foreign demand for US bonds. ”  (Follow the Money)

It may be a bad idea to try to survive without a banking system. Trying to survive with a banking system that consists of insolvent banks artificially propped up by the taxpayers is an even worse idea.”  (EconLog)

“Protecting clients and depositors is wise.  But protecting debtholders and shareholders has ALWAYS been a bad idea.”  (Clusterstock)

Bank nationalization in the US is not inevitable.”  (Baseline Scenario)

“In the short run, the shift to savings will be tortuous for all those who depend on consumer spending. But in the long run, a higher savings rate will be a good thing.”  (Real Time Economics) is on fire, but will it ever make any money?  (Silicon Alley Insider)

How to the save the New York Times?  Hint, look more like the Wall Street Journal.  (Silicon Alley Insider)

Are Girl Scout cookies safe?  (The Big Money)

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