The market begun sifting through the wreckage to find the potential winners.  (Zero Hedge)

The hedge fund model breaks down when returns tank and the high water mark is nowhere in sight.  (Market Movers also

Is market cap as a % of GDP signaling a “time to buy”?  (

Some sector ETFs just got cheaper.  (

Five ETFs with portfolios that trade at or below book value.  (green faucet)

Bid-ask spreads matter when trading smaller ETFs.  (

Dow Chemical (DOW) is between a rock and a hard place.  (

Does News Corp. (NWS) need to split up?  (Dealscape)

The Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) loan to Harley Davidson (HOG) is typical Buffett.  (DealBook)

You thought concert ticket prices were high before?  Just wait for a Ticketmaster (TKTM)-Live Nation (LYV) deal.  (, Dealscape)

A focus on risk premia as opposed to asset classes can lead to better portfolio diversification.  (

Just how little can you pay in expenses for a globally diversified ETF portfolio?  (

Modeling the term structure of inflation expectations.  (Alea)

The bank rescue plan is coming together.  Should it advance in its current form?    ( also The Big Money, Big Picture, Baseline Scenario, naked capitalism, Accrued Interest)

Just because the economy needs stimulus doesn’t mean “the stimulus” cannot be criticized.  (Megan McArdle, also Real Time Economics)

The rate of change in some key economic sectors will have to turn eventually.  (Calculated Risk)

Are 4% mortgages the answer?  (Curious Capitalist)

In praise of long form communications.  (naked capitalism)

Can StockTwits successfully transform itself into a paid service?  (MarketBeat)

Finally, a guest gets called out on CNBC.  (Clusterstock)

Is the Citi Field naming rights deal a good one for Citigroup (C)?  (

Who knew professional sports leagues paid their commissioners so well?  (The Big Lead)

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