Is the cult of equities finally dead?  (FT Alphaville also Infectious Greed)

Some glimmers of economic hope.  (

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The Nasdaq and China are demonstrating relative strength.  (Trader’s Narrative, Bespoke)

A decent month for hedge fund returns, especially convertible arbitrage.  (EconomPic Data)

“Locking in Treasuries’ current yields provides a long-term real return only if inflation is a whole lot lower than what it seems quite clear it will be.”  (

Examining the relationship between gold and gold stocks.  (MarketSci Blog)

Is gold the “currency of last resort“?  (FT Alphaville)

When John Paulson speaks, Dow Chemical (DOW) should listen.  (DealBook)

High yield munis get their own ETF.  (24/7 Wall St.)

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Junk bond defaults are on the rise.  (MarketBeat)

Is the Costco (COST) business model broken?  (Megan McArdle also MarketBeat)

Why Live Nation (LYV) shouldn’t merge with Ticketmaster (TKTM).  (Market Movers)

“Passing on a chance to buy back stock now, when it actually looks to be a good value, doesn’t redeem yesterday’s sins. For many, it amounts to a lost opportunity.”  (

Private equity stakes are trading hands at a record pace.  (Clusterstock)

Don’t waste too much time thinking about the executive compensation cap.  (Clusterstock)

Where was the outrage over executive compensation prior to all this?  (

A simple approach on how to spend TARP II.  (Big Picture)

Tales of incompetence:  FINRA vs. the SEC.  (NakedShorts)

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The bubble burst and the world changed.  It is high time our political and business leaders realized it.  ( also Crossing Wall Street)

Why Twitter should go public..NOW!  (Howard Lindzon)

Going Private is dead.  Long live Equity Private.  (Going Private)

The fine folks at are now blogging.  (

Always be on the lookout for revolutionary ways to do even the most established things.  (

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