The Death of Equities, redux.  (Clusterstock)

Market sentiment is still too bullish.  (

Banks and brokers diverge.  (Bespoke)

Asset managers beware, the golden age of mutual funds is long since past.  (Fund My Mutual Fund)

The many ways to forecast S&P 500 volatility.  (Condor Options)

Putting some numbers to the case for asset class rotation.  (World Beta)

Apparently you can’t start a hedge fund these days without a billion dollar loss on your resume. (

Raising money to start any new venture was tough last year, but especially so if you were a hedge fund.”  (DealBook)

Ways to fix the broken hedge fund model.  (Humble Student)

“Much of the psychological challenge of trading is finding the proper integration of confidence and humility.”  (TraderFeed)

“Although an AAA rating is nice and exploiting it can make sense, nobody should become its slave.”  (

The US economy is getting worse when it should be getting better.  (Follow the Money)

This can’t be good.  A broad measure of unemployment hits 13.9%.  (Real Time Economics, Market Movers, Big Picture)

And you took all that talk of “change” seriously.  The new bank plan is pretty much like the old failed plan.  (Information Arbitrage, Clusterstock)

Do too many economists spoil the TARP?  (Market Movers, Megan McArdle, Dealscape)

Since the first TARP tranche was largely wasted, why not spend the TARP on new banks as opposed to zombie banks?  (naked capitalism,, Clusterstock)

The Great Reset illustrated.  (

“At some point someone is going to have to break it to the American people and the world that there is no magic pill.”  (Dealbreaker)

An already famous name joins the ranks of the econopunditry.  (Free exchange)

Hollywood is officially out of ideas.  (Paste Magazine)

Is the Madoff scandal going to take its toll on the Mets?  (, DealBook)

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