CNBC should stop pretending Cramer is something other than an entertainer.  (Daily Options Report, Clusterstock)

By what standard should we judge Peter Schiff or any investment adviser for that matter?  (Humble Student)

Talk about tail wagging the dog.  The U.S. Oil Fund (USO) made up some 22% of the front month contracts for crude oil.  (

ETF investors interested in oil may want to look elsewhere.  (

Treasury investors are demanding higher yields.  (naked capitalism, Capital Spectator)

Does the turn-of-the-month effect work in both rising and falling markets?  (CXO Advisory Group)

Not surprisingly, investors want to exit hedge funds down 90%.  (Deal Journal)

The new bank bailout plan includes a role for the private sector.  (,

Uncle Sam’s portfolio illustrated.  (

Why is the ECB being so gradualist?  (Market Movers)

The American economy is undergoing a downsizing, literally and figuratively.  (Big Picture)

Would a home purchase tax credit work?  (Econbrowser)

Just how fast is China’s economy growing (or contracting)?  (Real Time Economics)

“Temperament aside, Minsky’s analytic insight was one that most Americans probably intuitively share: stability breeds instability.”  (Economic Principals)

Is Google’s (GOOG) business model at risk from competitors like Twitter?  (

Micropayments will not save newspapers, because the news is not music.  (The Big Money)

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