The credit markets are showing some signs of thaw even as treasury yields back up.  (, MarketBeat also Clusterstock)

Bond managers are beginning to embrace risk again in junk bonds and emerging market debt.  (, ibid)

TIPS have held firm as nominal Treasury yields have risen.  (Accrued Interest)

Does the rise in the Baltic Dry Index really mean anything?  (, Bespoke)

Don’t expect ten-year rolling returns to turn positive for quite some time.  (Bespoke)

“It’s true that diversification becomes temporarily less important in times of market panic like we experienced last fall, but those times don’t last forever. ”  (

Ben Graham’s investment style is back in style.  (

At what stage of the bear market are we?  (Howard Lindzon)

“The thing which really broke the old Wall Street compensation system beyond repair, however, was the rise of proprietary trading at investment banks. ”  (Epicruean Dealmaker)

How is that mutual funds with worse before-fee performance charge higher fees?  (

A closer look at trends in international stock correlations.  (Journal of Finance)

The new bank bailout plan is Treasury Secretary Geithner’s baby.  ( also naked capitalism, Infectious Greed)

Does private equity really want to be a co-investor with the Feds in a toxic asset fund?  (

The role of recency bias in the creation (and popping) of the housing bubble.  ( also Clusterstock, Infectious Greed)

Given the tax problems of the Obama cabinet, maybe it’s time for a flat tax?  (Dealbreaker)

Kindle 2.0 drops.  The blogosphere reacts.  (GigaOm, The Big Money, Silicon Alley Insider, Market Movers)

Twitter is living in a world all its own.  (

Don’t expect to get rich, or make a living, from blogging.  (

A-Rod’s steroid-fueled power surge examined.  (Sabernomics, EconomPic Data)

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