Earnings have collapsed.  How long before they return to trend?  (Big Picture, Peridot Capitalist)

Absolute return mutual funds have been anything but.  (DealBook)

Citadel opens the gates, just a touch.  (Dealbreaker, DealBook)

The wave of bankruptcies is nowhere near cresting.  (WSJ.com)

Is there a bubble in the ProShares UltraShort 20+ Treasury ETF (TBT)?  (Accrued Interest)

What is the run in gold prices telling us?  (Mish)

The gap between crude oil prices (Brent and WTI) continues to grow.  (WSJ.com)

Contango is just not going away in the crude oil market.  (MarketBeat)

Microsoft (MSFT) has Apple (AAPL) envy.  Time to open retail stores.  (WSJ.com)

A big part of short-term trading success is recognizing when players are overloaded in one direction and about to reverse positions.”  (TraderFeed)

Downside beta is only marginally better in explaining returns.  (CXO Advisory Group)

A research scandal involving Jim Chanos and SAC erupts.  (Clusterstock, Market Movers)

Another large-scale financial fraud begins to bubble up in the MSM.  (Market Movers, Dealbreaker)

What does it take to rise to the top of an investment bank?  (Epicurean Dealmaker)

The political class has had a “P/E multiple-contracting” effect on the markets.  (Deal Journal)

Germany is having problems placing its debt.  (Zero Hedge)

Just what does it take to be a AAA-rated country these days?  (FT.com via Alea)

Is the US doomed to make the same mistakes that Japan made?  (Atlantic Business, naked capitalism)

Europe, especially Ireland, is in bigger trouble than the US.  (Baseline Scenario, ibid)

Will Canada escape the worst effects of this economic downturn?  (Atlantic Business)

No matter how you measure the employment picture, it is bad.  (macroblog)

Economist aren’t stupid.  They are simply trying to explain something, the economy, that is too complex for us to understand.  (Clusterstock)

No one offers to help them [savers] out, even though saving is needed to allow business investment which, in turn, generates growth. ”  (Economist.com)

Curing the common cold will be just about as easy as preventing future market bubbles.  (Dealscape)

Psychology plays a big role in all sorts of economic decisions. And at times like these, when people are gripped with fear, it plays an even larger role.”  (The Big Money)

Twitter raises $35 million.  (Silicon Alley Insider)

Just how big a bump in home runs did A-Rod get from 2001-2003?  (Numbers Guy also The Big Lead)

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