Stocks are cheaper now than they have been at any time in the past two decades.”  (Clusterstock)

Stocks are very cheap in emerging economies.”  (

Dividends are falling at an alarming rate.  Twenty companies whose dividend is (presumably) safe.  (

With the market way down, now is the time for activist investors.  (

Some deep value plays.  (Humble Student)

Be aware of what you are getting when you trade ETFs.  (Daily Options Report)

The junk bond market is booming.  (Infectious Greed)

What industries performed well in the last depression?  (

Which industries will perform well in this depression? (

You don’t have to be freakishly talented to find success, but you do have to be freakishly devoted to exploiting your edge.”  (TraderFeed)

To survive the hedge fund industry needs better transparency and more rational incentive structure.  (

General Motors (GM) wants more money.  No one is surprised.  (Clusterstock, Atlantic Business)

Will surging debt costs sink some countries currently rated AAA?  (

Will Eastern Europe trigger a wider financial meltdown?  (naked capitalism)

Transparency and the value of bank stress tests.  (Baseline Scenario)

Japan’s GDP suffers a rough fourth quarter.  (Alea)

Nationalization may be, after analyzing all the costs and benefits, the best strategy. But that’s not because history tells us that it is.”  (The Balance Sheet)

If the federal deficit blows out, something else has to give, what?  (Econbrowser)

Some things on which economists agree.  (Mankiw Blog)

With the 3G iPhone, Apple not only outdid Nokia and RIMM, they outdid their future selves.”  (Ultimi Barbarorum also Silicon Alley Insider)

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