Short term mean-reversion is the stock market play du jour.” (MarketSci Blog)

Just what were the prominent hedge funds up to in the fourth quarter? (market folly)

More fun with magazine covers. (Trader’s Narrative, Atlantic Business)

Just how low could market P/E ratios get in this bear market? (Big Picture)

The size and value effect are evident in 19th century Britain. (CXO Advisory Group)

Cramer and Harvard are both high on China. (A Dash of Insight)

The Irish question. (Baseline Scenario)

The price of CO2 emissions are crashing. (FT Alphaville)

No car czar, which means more power for Obama’s inner circle. (naked capitalism)

The banking lobby has become too powerful, in large part because big banks have balance sheets that are too big relative to the size of the economy.” (Baseline Scenario)

Save banks, not bank shareholders. ( via Freakonomics)

Will the economics industry take a hit in this downturn? (Atlantic Business)

The Baseline Scenario blog gets a rave review. (Economic Principals)

The media is thriving, but the media business model is broken. (The Big Money)

Newspapers were the first to feel the pain, but radio and local TV are next. (BuzzMachine)

Nate Silver predicts the Oscars. (

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