As summer approaches the need for beach reading increases.  Here are links to some recent book reviews that we failed to note the first time around.  (Apologies in advance for the link dump nature of this post.)

Michael Lewis reviews Alice Schroeder’s “The Snowball” a biography of Warren Buffett.  A  positive review:

She has sought to describe Buffett’s psychological landscape as clearly as his financial one. For the reader, the results are pretty terrific–there are not a lot of 838-page narratives that leave you wanting more–but for Buffett they are no doubt upsetting.

This is a repeat from yesterday’s linkfest, but worth a lookEddy Elfenbein reviews Barry Ritholtz’s “Bailout Nation.”

Bailout Nation describes not only what happened and what went wrong, but also why. Don’t worry, you don’t need an advanced degree in economics to follow the story. Bailout Nation manages to be both comprehensive and easy to read.

Condor Options reviews Mark D. Wolfinger’s “The Rookie’s Guide to Options” and writes “When new traders ask us to recommend an introductory book, this is where we will send them.”

Todd Sullivan reviews Howard Lindzon’s “The WallStrip Edge.”  In his review he notes “Read the book, you will be better for it.”

David Merkel reviews Lo and Hasanhodzic’s “The Heretics of Finance.”  Who would benefit from this book?

If you want a taste of a wide number of accomplished technicians, this book will give you that.  It will also give you jumping-off points into TA literature and TA-friendly academic work describing Technical Analysis.  If you are into some of the main characters in TA, this tells their stories, and elucidates the attitudes of disciplined appliers of TA.

Another take on Warren Buffett comes from Jeff Matthews in “Pilgrimage to Warren Buffett’s Omaha.”  Investor’s Consigliere and Fundamental Insights both find this alternative take on the Buffett-phenomenon worthwhile.