A very good day for the Indian stock market. (greenfaucet.com, Clusterstock, FT)

Fear and regret on display in the aftermath of the stock market rally. (WSJ)

Are we on the verge of a reallocation from fixed income to equities? (TheStreet)

Margin utilization is way down year-over-year. (Value Plays)

Bank loan funds have had quite a reversal in performance year-to-date. (WSJ also EconomPic Data)

How much is portfolio re-balancing worth? (Felix Salmon)

More on why the Baltic Dry Index is not a leading indicator of much of anything. (Research Reloaded)

“Bottom line, if you think the worst has passed, then the depressed pound is in itself a way to play distressed assets with high potential for upside.” (Clusterstock)

As summer driving season approaches a look at crude oil seasonality. (Bespoke)

There is no reason to think deep in-the-money calls are a better way to play ETFs rather than individual names. (Daily Options Report)

Research into whether the gap between realized and implied volatility predicts future returns. (CXO Advisory Group)

Dark pools are battling for market share. (MarketBeat)

Big changes afoot at SAC Capital. (Dealbreaker)

If you support bank regulation, “you need to push for it now.” (Baseline Scenario)

TALF deals are “shockingly good” for those willing to play. (Fortune)

“The bottom line is that the attempt to save bank bondholders from losses – to provide monetary compensation without economic production – is not sound economic policy but is instead a grand monetary experiment that has never been tried in the developed world except in Germany circa 1921.” (John Hussman)

Robert Samuelson, “The president doesn’t want to confront Americans with choices between lower spending and higher taxes — or, given the existing deficits, perhaps both less spending and more taxes.” (WashingtonPost.com)

It is going to take a few more months to see a definitive turn in retail sales. (VIX and More)

What will happen to investors as newspapers fade from the scene? (New Rules of Investing)

StockTwits gets funded and plans to keep on growing. (AllThingsD, Dealscape, Howard Lindzon)

An investment book review link dump. (Abnormal Returns)

Dynamic ticket pricing comes to MLB. (NYTimes)

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