Who broke the wheat futures market?  Commodity indices.  (Felix Salmon)

Tracking the natural gas/crude oil ratio for trades.  (Caveman Forecaster, FT Alphaville)

Is the bloom off the Warren Buffett rose?  (Bespoke)

Why are some hedge fund still limiting redemptions?  (WSJ, ibid, DealBreaker)

Country equity performance since the June 2nd top.  (Bespoke)

Some one official finally notes the risk of leveraged ETFs.  (Daily Options Report, Bespoke)

The ETF options space is getting more competitive.  (WSJ)

“Overall, we always felt that iShares operated as a fairly autonomous group within the Barclays umbrella, and it is our belief that it will continue to do so under the BlackRock organization.”  (Morningstar)

Taking a closer look at the iShares Emerging Market Infrastructure Index Fund (EMIF).  (TheStreet)

Adding a transportation twist to the golden cross strategy.  (MarketSci Blog)

Applying a simple momentum strategy to sector funds.  (World Beta)

You can’t trade volatility without delta hedging.  (Condor Options)

Taking a longer term look at the divergence between Russell 2000 and S&P SmallCap 600 performance.  (IndexUniverse)

Start-up hedge funds are finding capital hard to come by.  (WSJ)

Another mutual fund enters hedge fund turf. (DealBook)

Huntsman (HUN) wins by not being acquired.  (Breakingviews )

KKR is going public, now via an exchange for its KPE affiliate traded in Amsterdam.  (DealBook)

Name that bank!  “Basically, there’s nothing right with this bank. It’s got the wrong CEO, the wrong strategy, and it’s got no appeal to investors, while still carrying monster risk for us the taxpayer. It’s time to end this one.”  (Clusterstock)

All hail the brain drain on Wall Street.  (Felix Salmon)

It’s still early, but we are now looking at a “lost decade” for stocks.  (EconomPic Data)

“According to Nishimura’s schema, in less than two and a half years, the U.S. has experienced as much trauma and recovery as Japan did in about 12 years.”  (Newsweek)

Speaking of lost decades, check out what has happened to job growth.  (BusinessWeek also Fund My Mutual Fund)

“The main reason we think the economy is improving is because many of us think the economy is improving.”  (Econbrowser)

A bit of international economic organization schizophrenia.  (FT Alphaville, Clusterstock)

The growing gap between new and existing home sales.  (Calculated Risk)

Appraisal fraud was an enormous contributor to the unsustainable run up in prices during the boom period.”  (Big Picture)

“These days I’m a bit embarrassed for people continue to deny the CRA encouraged crappy lending practices. The evidence is unequivocal.”  (Clusterstock)

You think Californians are pissed off now? Imagine the state is literally unable to make payroll. The political backlash would be severe.”  (Accrued Interest)

“The days of calling the dollar almighty may be numbered.”  (WashingtonPost)

Meet the Bank of Canada’s “boring” Governor Mark Carney.  (Walrus Magazine via Freakonomics)

Should Mexico stop exporting oil?  (Gregor Macdonald)

Taking a closer look at the returns to shipping IPOs.  (SSRN)

“Our jobs and the entire airline industry is about to implode, just so you can have your $99 fare.”  (Freakonomics also MarketBeat)

“(T)he health-care industry’s reluctance to digitize its records is rooted in a desire to keep medicine’s lucrative business model hidden.”   (Technology Review via Instapundit)

Coming to terms with Twitter.  (VIX and More)

Should more firms be like Apple (AAPL)?  (Daring Fireball)

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