3x leveraged S&P 500 ETFs are coming.  (IndexUniverse, VIX and More, Clusterstock)

Country P/E ratios.  (Bespoke)

The multi-billion dollar IPO is back – at least in Brazil.”  (Breakingviews)

Have earnings expectations moved ahead of reality?  (The Pragmatic Capitalist)

“Even the best made trading plans and analysis can be ignored after the market throws you a curve ball and administers the equivalent of a punch to the face.”  (Bull Bear Trader)

Target-date mutual funds need some supervision.  (Felix Salmon also NYTimes)

Will rule changes make money market mutual funds “safe again”?  (Atlantic Business, BusinessWeek)

AQR Capital Management gets deeper into the mutual fund business.  (Reuters)

Can mutual funds following hedge fund replication strategies really get the job done?  (market folly)

Two different approaches to building a Buffett-like mutual fund portfolio.  (Morningstar)

“The endgame of the KKR listing is for Kravis and his fellow partners to monetize their stakes in KKR… And if Kravis is to be selling, why should you be buying?”  (Deal Journal also WSJ)

If we shrink Wall Street too much are we at risk of “relinquishing global dominance in finance”?  (WSJ)

A great deal of chatter about the Matt Taibbi article that examines how Goldman Sachs (GS) has been at the forefront of every bubble since the Great Depression.  (Zero Hedge also Felix Salmon)

The Fed engages in a debt-for-equity swap with AIG.  (DealBook)

Is there a relationship between prior stock market momentum and currency appreciation?  (SSRN)

On the relationship between unemployment exhaustion and credit card charge-off rates.  (Big Picture)

Just how strong is foreign demand for Treasury bonds?  (Fund My Mutual Fund)

Economic uncertainty is showing up in forecaster data.  (macroblog)

Don’t scoff at an afternoon nap.  “Numerous studies have now demonstrated that REM sleep is an essential part of the learning process. Before you can know something, you have to dream about it.”  (The Frontal Cortex)

Dan Lyons on why we need Steve Jobs.  (Newsweek)

What does our collective obsession with Steve Jobs’ health say about us?  (GigaOM)

Expanding cap-and-trade…for fish.  (Scientific American)

Juicing the best picture pool is Hollywood’s version of a stimulus package.”  (The Big Money also Roger Ebert, Clusterstock, Felix Salmon, Marginal Revolution)

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