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A longer term look at global equity risk premia.  (Value Expectations)

Individual investors have gotten pretty bearish.  (Bespoke)

The VIX has dropped too far, too fast.  (VIX and More)

Combining the rotation and timing systems.  (World Beta)

Looking back on why some stock picks perform and others don’t.  (Kirk Report)

Evidence that the ETF industry is becoming more competitive.  (greenfaucet)

“ the mysterious allure of the exotic ETF is undermining the original purpose of these investment vehicles. As usual the investment industry has worked its magic and turned a really useful investment tool into a method for speculating in snake oil.”  (Psy-Fi Blog)

Are their benefits to sector-specific emerging market ETFs?  (IndexUniverse)

A guide to currency ETFs.  (ETF Trends)

It is difficult to find evidence of forced selling of “fallen angel” bonds.  (SSRN)

Commercial paper outstanding continues to fall.  (EconomPic Data, FT Alphaville)

Is there a thaw in the ABS market?  (Atlantic Business)

KKR is not altogether mis-valued.   (Breakingviews)

Some evidence showing that venture capital investments are both risky and profitable.  (SSRN)

Is “plain vanilla” consumer finance going to hurt bank profits?  (WSJ)

“As long as money funds are able to keep bank-like features without bank-like scrutiny, they should keep everyone wide awake.”  (Economist)

Do regulators really know best?  (Time)

The CRA was largely irrelevant to the housing/mortgage crisis.  (Big Picture)

“(I)f hedge funds dig in too deeply with “the crisis was not our fault” position, that is just asking for trouble – and to be scapegoated – down the road.”  (Baseline Scenario)

Using taxes to control bank size.  (Free exchange)

Paul Volcker is the odd man out in Obama administration plans for financial regulatory reform.  (Big Picture)

“If the green shooters are proven correct, the odds of upheaval are close to nil. However, if things get worse, the US may reach a tipping point.”  (naked capitalism)

Why the Internet may be making GDP a less relevant measure.  (Clusterstock)

First interview in a series:  the women of StockTwits.  (Wall St. Cheat Sheet)

Ron Insana is now in the investment newsletter business.  (Dealbreaker)

Reason #237 to drink coffee.  (The Skeptical Hypochondriac)

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