Are university endowments set to return to traditional asset classes now that they are facing illiquidity woes?  (Barron’s)

How the rising number of dark pools of liquidity affects individual investors.  (Barron’s also MarketBeat)

A sentiment overview for the week.  (Trader’s Narrative, Technical Take)

VIX in the mid-20’s here we come.  (VIX and More)

Why do investors continue to bet on the stocks of bankrupt companies?  (NYTimes)

Five reasons why buy-and-hold investing is dead.  (Minyanville)

Why TIPS funds are a hot commodity at the moment.  (WSJ)

REIT funds have done nothing for those investors seeking portfolio diversification.  (Marketwatch)

The iShares All Peru Capped Index Fund (EPU) is heavily weighted towards commodity stocks.  (TheStreet)

Start-up hedge funds are doing things differently to attract investors these days.  (DealBook)

How should we interpret the big jump in the domestic savings rate?  (Infectious Greed, Research Reloaded)

Tough to find many GDP growth highlights in 2009.  (Bespoke)

“If Summers winds up running the Fed, mark my word, inflation will follow.”  (Accrued Interest)

Goldman Sachs (GS) execs have lost their stomach for public service.  (Felix Salmon)

More on the CRA as primer mover in the subprime mortgage meme.  (The Audit, Rortybomb)

An interesting interview with Barry Ritholtz in welling@weedon.  (Big Picture)

Five questions for Justin Fox.  (Free exchange)

Does economics need a new model for human behavior to describe market booms and busts?  (Scientific American, Calculated Risk)

A rising stock price does not absolve the Apple (AAPL) board of directors from the duty to disclose.  (Silicon Alley Insider, Barron’s)

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