The return of risk-taking and end of the easy money trade.  (Barron’s earlier Abnormal Returns, ibid)

An updated look at the bull market’s pullbacks.  (VIX and More)

Checking in on investor sentiment at week end.  (Trader’s Narrative, The Technical Take)

Jeff Miller, “Proving causation requires more than showing a correlation.  It requires solid evidence of timing, one variable leading another, and also a strong hypothesis about the logic of causation.”  (A Dash of Insight)

Brett Steenbarger, “So much of what frustrates us in trading is not the trading itself, not the markets. It’s the expectations–the unrealistic expectations–that we bring to our trading.”  (TraderFeed)

On the difference between hedging and diversification and how cash can serve as an equity hedge.  (Abnormal Returns)

Have you re-balanced your portfolio recently?  (WSJ)

Floyd Norris, “A funny thing happened to its stock when General Motors went bankrupt. The shares did not go directly to zero, even though it appeared clear that the old shares were worthless.”  (NYTimes)

Are a couple of newspaper stocks a buy for their non-newspaper businesses?  (James Altucher also Megan McArdle)

Palm (PALM) and Research in Motion (RIMM) have a great deal to fear from Android.  (Ultimi Barbarorum)

“Will Citigroup (C) rise again from its recent near-death experience?”  (NYTimes)

Is the slow motion train wreck that is commercial real estate accelerating?  (The Money Game, ibid)

Yet another new inflation-focused ETF the WisdomTree Real Return Fund (RRF).  (IndexUniverse)

Why is everyone so worried about hyperinflation when a fiscal crisis is a more likely outcome?  (Megan McArdle)

Just how did Goldman Sachs (GS) execute its big short bet on subprime?  (naked capitalism)

How John Paulson made (and won) the trade of the century (so far).  (WSJ also EconLog)

Updating the odds that the US is in recession.  (Economist’s View)

Claims about the jobs saved by the stimulus plan are at best unverifiable.  (Real Time Economics, Mish, Atlantic Business)

Why the health care debate cannot be decided solely on economics.  (Mankiw Blog)

One upside to the credit crisis.  Fewer credit card solicitations.  (Infectious Greed)

Angel investing is not as easy as it looks.  (WSJ)

A review of David Leinweber’s Nerds on Wall Street.  (Aleph Blog)

Happy first blogiversary!  (The Reformed Broker)

Paul Kedrosky, “Compression, compression, compression.”  (Infectious Greed)

Changing people’s minds is tough.  (EconLog)

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