The case for markets having overreacted to the Dubai World news.  (WSJ, James Altucher, FT Alphaville, VIX and More)

On the role of Iran in the rise (and fall) of Dubai as an economic powerhouse.  (Clusterstock)

Is Dubai a “canary in a coal mine” for commercial real estate or sovereign defaults?  (The Reformed Broker, 24/7 Wall St., DJ Market Talk, Timothy Middleton)

How to play the end of the carry trade.  (IndexUniverse)

Jason Zweig, “For most investors, the junk-bond party is already just about over. If you missed the happy hour, there’s not much point diving in after the good times have already rolled.”  (WSJ)

Investors are getting roughly 0% yields on money market mutual funds.  (Barron’s)

Beginning of a bull market or simply a huge oversold bounce?  (Big Picture)

The State Street Investor Confidence Index is back down to levels not seen since March.  (Barron’s)

Checking in with investor sentiment at week end.  (The Technical Take, Trader’s Narrative)

Are AOL’s shares finally cheap?  (Barron’s)

Has China overdone it on the stimulus?  (NYTimes also Marginal Revolution)

Ben Bernanke defends the Federal Reserve prior to this nomination hearings.  (WashingtonPost also naked capitalism, Aleph Blog, Kid Dynamite)

The unofficial list of problem banks keeps on growing.  (Calculated Risk)

Harvard University made the mistake of investing operating cash alongside its endowment funds.  (Boston Globe)

Mark Pittman was right. (Felix Salmon)

Arthur Cecil Pigou has become the new go-to (dead) economist of the economic crisis.  (WSJ)

Brett Steenbarger, “A single new set of experiences can be enough to catalyze change. Becoming more goal-oriented in one sphere of life can provide the energy and optimism to extend that orientation to other life spheres.”  (TraderFeed)

Will Tim Sykes-backed Investimonials change the investment business for the better?  (Investimonials also TechCrunch, World Beta)

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