Hedge fund manager Bridgewater Associates is under fire for having gone into “depression mode” in their All-Weather portfolio.  (Pensions & Investments)

“(T)rying to calculate industry-wide alpha is a mug’s game.  Hedge funds are not a cohesive asset class, they are a subset of many “alternative asset classes“.  (All About Alpha)

David Varadi, “Most traders would be better off spending at least a weekend’s worth of reflection trying to decide how they should trade.”  (CSS Analytics)

More evidence on the role of 52-week highs on the momentum effect. (SSRN)

“Regardless of gold’s potential price appreciation, [John] Paulson has already won on this trade.”  (market folly)

Justin Fox, “But there is more to gold’s current boom than just a flight to safety. The metal is showing signs of a more sustained run at respectability.”  (Time)

Peter Eavis, “There is a $1 trillion stash of cash idling in the banking system. It’s too big to ignore, and it’s a cause for concern.”  (WSJ)

The Fed is testing the machinery to reverse the growth of its portfolio of securities.  (DealBook, Rolfe Winkler)

Sovereign debt crises tend to follow banking crises.  (The Money Game)

The 30 institutions that the International Financial Stability Board thinks are “systematically important.”  (Felix Salmon)

The new chief economist of Citigroup (C) thinks it is too big.  (Clusterstock also Credit Writedowns, Real Time Economics)

James Surowiecki, “For China, saving less and spending more will improve the lives of ordinary people in the present and make the economy stronger in the future. That’s the rarest of all things in economics: a free lunch. China should go ahead and eat it.”  (New Yorker, ibid)

The vast range of government programs have bypassed small businesses to-date.   (The Reformed Broker also DJ Market Talk)

Canada officially emerges from recession.  (Dealbreaker)

Is the world at risk of running out of uranium?  (Economist)

Companies are acquiring key parts of their supply chain in an attempt to get more “vertical.”  (WSJ)

Is the competition between Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT) actually going to benefit consumers?  (Newsweek)

Drea Knufken, “Crowdsourcing, real-time information, and interactive technology will have bigger roles to play in the process of reporting stories.”  (Wall St. Cheat Sheet also A VC)

Saints QB Drew Brees survives (and succeeds) in spite of his limited stature (6’0″) for an NFL signal caller.  (NYTimes)

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