Jason Zweig, “In any case, don’t kid yourself into thinking stock dividends and bond interest are interchangeable. They aren’t.”  (WSJ)

Jeremy Grantham, “It’s almost a certain bet that high-quality blue chips will outperform lower-quality stocks over the longer term.”  (NYTimes)

Dividend recaps funded by high yield debt indicate a frothy market.  (Zero Hedge)

Doug Kass, “And I do not believe we have embarked on anything close to a new bull market.”  (Barron’s)

When can we expect a pick-up in returns to a “high minus low” book value strategy?  (Greenbackd)

Paul Kedrosky, “While the assets still only make it less than 10% of the muni market, the growth in ETF muni assets is eye-popping.”  (Infectious Greed)

Investor sentiment at week-end.  (Trader’s Narrative, The Technical Take)

Corey Rosenbloom talks with Charles Kirk.  (Afraid to Trade)

Behind the correction in gold prices.  (Timothy Middleton)

For entertainment purposes only.  Top ten stocks for 2010.  (Fortune)

Some tips to help you survive the randomness of the markets.  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Expect 2010 to be the year of the Roth IRA.  (WSJ)

A directory of investment newsletters.  (World Beta)

KKR is working through to many troubled companies to become a new era-Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A).  (Deal Journal)

The inside skinny on how Warren Buffett played the economic crisis.  (WSJ)

Goldman Sachs (GS) helped fuel the engine that was AIG (AIG).  (Big Picture)

Reactions to the Matt Taibbi piece on the Obama-Wall Street connection.  (The Atlantic Wire, Taibblog, Felix Salmon)

Steve Randy Waldman, “Banks destroy Main Street wealth and create Wall Street crises by making foolish and indiscriminate use of the capital entrusted to them.”  (Interfluidity)

A rise in temporary workers signals a welcome turn in the employment picture.  (macroblog also DJ Market Talk, Floyd Norris)

Behold the Christmas Tree indicator.  (WSJ)

Greg Mankiw, “Like our doctor facing a mysterious illness, economists should remain humble and open-minded when considering how best to fix an ailing economy. A growing body of evidence suggests that traditional Keynesian nostrums might not be the best medicine.”  (NYTimes)

Has the recent recession brought about a “deglobalization” of world trade?  (The Big Money)

A review of Dynamic Asset Allocation by James Picerno.  (Aleph Blog)

On the prospects for social investing sites kaChing and Covestor.  (Barron’s, ibid)

The case for an AOL (AOL) renaissance.  (GigaOM)

Why Hulu matters.  (The Deal)

AT&T (T) doesn’t know what they have on their hands with the Apple iPhone.  (Fake Steve Jobs)

Can Blackberry catch Apple (AAPL) in the app game?  (A VC also Howard Lindzon)

Watch out both Research in Motion (RIMM) and Apple.  The true “Google Phone” is in the works.  (NYTimes, WSJ, Silicon Alley Insider)

Top clicks on Abnormal Returns this past week.  (Abnormal Returns)

Tiger Woods will never catch Jack Nicklaus at this point.  (Infectious Greed)

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