The January effect has started early this year.  (StockCharts Blog)

200 day moving averages are poised to accelerate higher.  (VIX and More)

Bullish equity sentiment at week-end.  (Trader’s Narrative, The Technical Take)

A stunning surge in assets into the PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund (UUP).  (MarketBeat)

Have commodities lost their ability to diversify a portfolio?  (Marketwatch)

Another bull market under our noses:  NY City taxi medallions.  (Carpe Diem earlier Abnormal Returns)

Picking stocks for the next decade is fraught with risk.  (Floyd Norris)

Brett Arends, “Much of the stock-market community is still just a marketing machine that happens to sell investments, the way, say, a drugstore like CVS sells pills.”  (WSJ)

Henry Blodget, “Option repricing is usually a colossal rip-off, a way of taking something that is supposed to be incentive-based compensation and transforming it into a heads-employees-win, tails-shareholders-lose guarantee.”  (Silicon Alley Insider)

Is the 12b-1 fee finally on its last legs?  (WSJ)

What would you like to do with your “4.22 shares of Citigroup (C)“?  (Bespoke)

By pursuing pell-mell acquisitions Google (GOOG) at risk of turning into Yahoo! (YHOO)?  (Marketwatch also DJ Market Talk)

Snowmaggedon:  a retailer’s best excuse.  (Calculated Risk, Clusterstock)

Bad weather shows the level of contempt Wall Street has for Washington.  Baseline Scenario)

It’s time to get to the bottom of itall.  Open source all the AIG (AIG) documents.  (NYTimes)

Do the bailed-out banks owe a debt to society for being saved?  (Big Picture)

In regards to the big banks how big a problem is moral hazard?  (Megan McArdle)

What lessons is the next generationgoing take away from the age of bailouts?  (Interfluidity)

What’s wrong with American business?  Business schools.  (TNR)

Are Facebook and Twitter IPO candidates for 2010?  (Barron’s)

Some surprising results on happiness from economic research.  (Tim Harford)

How happiness affects our ability to see the big picture.  (Simoleon Sense)

Rave review for Steve Landsburg’s new book The Big Questions.  (Mankiw Blog)

Is the U.S. facing a doctor shortage?  (BusinessWeek)

What our soaring intake of bacon says about the economy.  (Minyanville)

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