By all accounts this was the worst decade for stocks in well over a century.  (WSJ also Calculated Risk, Falkenblog, Big Picture)

Is the equity cult finally dead and buried?  (Institutional Investor)

The decades served investors who diversified away from domestic equities.  (The Capital Spectator)

If the US follows the Japan-model you need to ask:  “is your portfolio prepared for the possibility (no matter how remote) of stocks being down 75% from their peak in another 10 years?”  (World Beta)

The top five investing lessons from the last year.  (LATimes)

Hedge fund manager David Tepper had a huge 2009 by betting on the survival of the US economy.  (WSJ also Daily Intel, Atlantic Business)

The best performing fund of the past decade.  (eFinancialNews)

Doug Kass’ 20 surprises for 2010.  (Infectious Greed)

Ten things to look for in 2010 for online finance.  (New Rules of Investing)

Ten ultimate stock picker picks for 2010.  (Morningstar)

Warning.  Steve Leuthold turns somewhat cautious.  (The Pragmatic Capitalist)

The year in junk bond yields.  (The Research Puzzle)

Does the US dollar rally have much more steam in it?  (VIX and More)

Having faith (literally) in your ETF.  (IndexUniverse)

Billionaire smackdown over Atlantic City casinos.  (The Reformed Broker)

What should we make of the rally in health insurance stocks?  (FiveThirtyEight)

A bear market in carbon offsets.  (Green Sheet)

Expect an upsurge in M&A activity in 2010.  (IDDmagazine via TheStreet)

An extended look at how the Fed failed to adequately regulate the banks leading up the credit crisis.  (WashingtonPost)

What will happen when the Fed reserves its purchases of mortgage-backed securities?  (Economics One)

Some worthy crisis-related books.  (Baseline Scenario)

Demand for temporary workers is on the rise.  (Carpe Diem, Expected Returns)

How Hollywood turned around box office sales in 2009.  (NYTimes)

2010 is looking like a crunch year for smartphones, and for many vendors “crunch” may be more than a figurative description.”  (Ultimi Barbarorum also Felix Salmon)

Is the App Store Steve Job’s most important innovation?  (Silicon Alley Insider)

Should we worry that older scientists are getting more grant money?  (Marginal Revolution also Free exchange)

Twitter turns a profit.  (Bloomberg also GigaOM, DealBook)

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