Matthew Lynn, “There are several good reasons for expecting currency trading to be the focus for financial markets this decade.”  (Bloomberg)

Rising risk premiums and the state of the corporate bond market(s).  (Distressed Debt Investing)

Is there any place to hide in the bond markets?  (EconomPic Data)

The TIPS market is telling us inflation is less of a problem.  (The Money Game)

The S&P 500 is trading at 13.7x estimated 2010 earnings.  (Crossing Wall Street)

Newsletter writer bullishness evaporated during this market correction.  (Marketwatch)

Five dirty little secrets about some popular ETFs.  (ETF Database)

Why lumber prices are up 32% this year.  (WSJ)

Why did hedge fund of funds underperform underlying hedge funds in 2009?  (All About Alpha)

Andrew Hall of Phibro fame has launched a hedge fund to give investors a chance to invest like the commodity firm.  (DealBook, FINalternatives, Clusterstock)

A review of A Trader’s First Book on Commodities by Carly Garner.  (CXO Advisory Group)

What traders can learn from Olympians.  (CSS Analytics)

Why is it that low volatility stocks have outperformed high volatility stocks?  (SSRN)

Global capital markets should be on notice that China is tightening monetary conditions.  (Minyanville)

Interesting presentation on what overinvestment may have wrought in China.  (market folly contra FinancialNews)

Is Bangladesh the next new hot emerging stock market?  (FT Alphaville)

Is a Simon Group (SPG) takeover the end to the General Growth Properties bankruptcy?  (WSJ, Deal Journal)

Joshua M. Brown, “The new buzzword out there is Austerity.  It is the new global zeitgeist.”  (The Reformed Broker)

Do we need a higher inflation target?  (Free exchange)

Will foreign buyers fill the void left by the Fed when it stops buy MBSs?  (WashingtonPost)

More foreclosures are coming and we shouldn’t fight it.  (Big Picture)

Don’t look now but retail sales are improving year-over-year.  (VIX and More)

For those willing to bottom fish in Greece, three candidates from James Altucher.  (DailyFinance)

Greece may not be in the predicament it’s in if people actually paid their taxes.  (Bloomberg)

Is the Greek crisis going to pull Europe together or pull it apart?  (Project Syndicate, ibid)

Is the UK at risk of coming under a sovereign credit attack?  (Telegraph UK)

Americans trust in government seems to be related to the strength of the economy.  (Daniel Drezner)

Facebook has surpassed Google (GOOG) as a traffic generator for some sites.  (GigaOM)

Google vs. Facebook is “the ultimate battle for the control of the internet.”  (Telegraph UK)

HBO and Netflix have converging business models.  (Atlantic Business)

Where Toyota (TM) went wrong.  They tried to be both a “high fidelity” and “high convenience” company.  (DailyFinance)

The guys behind the technology in Minority Report are planning to revolutionize the way we interact with a computer.  (Bits, TechCrunch)

Steve Jobs is reportedly working on a biography with Walter Isaacson.  (NYTimes, Atlantic Wire, The Big Money)

Art prices were down last year, but a recovery in the financial sector provides some hope for 2010.  (DealBook)

Better ideas trump faux followers on the social web.  (Seth Godin)

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