Doug Kass makes the macro case for a continued underweighting of equities due to the “shaky” prospects for global growth.  (TheStreet)

Is it time to go nuclear now that the Obama Administration has weighed in?  (The Money Game also WashingtonPost, Atlantic Wire)

Mark Hulbert, “So it’s comforting to know that the insiders have not been aggressively selling the market’s recent correction”  (Marketwatch)

According to the expectations ratio the profits picture still looks good.  (The Pragmatic Capitalist)

What Warren Buffett sold to buy Burlington Northern.  (Bloomberg)

Some consolidation in the ETF management business.  (IndexUniverse)

Big hedge funds love the stocks of the too big to fail banks.  (FINalternatives)

Do as I do, not as I say.  George Soros has been buying gold while warning of a bubble.  (MarketBeat also The Reformed Broker)

David Einhorn loves Boston Scientific (BSX). (market folly)

Why can’t James Simons’ Renaissance Technology turn performance at its Institutional Equities Fund around?  (FINalternatives)

Calculating the real costs of holding a crude oil or natural gas ETF.  (IndexUniverse)

The Simon Group (SPG) offer for General Growth Properties is a one-off, not a sign of a change in commercial real estate.  (The Deal also DealBook, WSJ, The Money Game)

Michelle Leder, “If you thought that Google (GOOG)was immune to the sluggish economy in 2009, think again.”   (footnoted)

Brett Steenbarger, “A good part of what we call luck may involve intuitive access to information that unlucky people lack.”  (TraderFeed)

Old guys on Wall Street think there needs to be tigher regulation.  (NYTimes also DJ Market Talk)

Has China started selling US Treasurys?  If so, what does it mean?  (EconomPic Data, Minyanville, FT Alphaville)

Is sovereign debt the second wave of the credit crisis?  (Big Picture)

European banks would be looking good, if it weren’t for that whole PIIGS problem.  (Economist, WSJ)

Did Goldman Sachs (GS) go too far in helping Greece fudge its debt figures?  (naked capitalism)

Greece should leave the Euro behind, but it can’t.  (Crossing Wall Street)

Barry Ritholtz, “One of the oddest things to come out of the entire credit crisis, recession and muddling recovery has been the sudden re-emergence of deficit hawks.”  (Big Picture)

Is there a case for a VAT?  (Marginal Revolution)

Tentative turns in a couple economic indicators.  (Calculated Risk, EconomPic Data)

Colorado is experiencing a transition into a “power-sector state.”  (Gregor Macdonald)

What does it mean when big companies like Wal-Mart (WMT) can’t get their 401k plans right.  (Baseline Scenario)

Do we need broader fiduciary duties to help “build better brokers“?  (Curious Capitalist, Atlantic Business)

“Anthropomorphizing” market moves is decidedly unhelpful.  (Felix Salmon)

An introduction to value investing.  (ValueHuntr via Simoleon Sense)

A master class in behavioral economics.  (Farnam Street)

An interview with Howard Lindzon on the future of StockTwits.  (peHUB)

Community will power the curated web.  (Jeremy Stein)

Five sensible yet entertaining investment blogs.  (Globe Investor)

It’s cool when our understanding of the world changes so radically.  (NYTimes via kottke)

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