Tom Brakke, “Myopia is the enemy of the investor.  Structured myopia makes no sense whatsoever, for the individual investor or for the biggest firms in the world, but you find it everywhere.”  (the research puzzle)

The stocks analysts love (and hate).  (Bespoke)

Forget the PIIGS.  Mexican bonds are where it is at.  (The Money Game)

Spain is the epicenter of the Euromess.  (WSJ)

Sprint Nextel (S) has found a friend in Phil Falcone’s Harbinger Capital.  (market folly)

KKR might finally come public in the US.  (WSJ)

Some companies that may feel some blowback from the Toyota Motors (TM) crisis.  (footnoted)

Smaller dark pools may close or merge as regulation (and brokers) tighten up.  (Reuters)

What role do short-sellers play in keeping markets fair?  (Deal Journal)

The new short selling regulations explained.  (MarketBeat, NYTimes)

Short sellers didn’t kill Lehman Bros. and Bear Stearns.  (Big Picture)

Harry Markopolos doesn’t have good things to say about the SEC.  (Dealbreaker, Fortune)

Bernanke compares Fannie and Freddie to a platypus.  (Real Time Economics)

Mike Konczal, “what has this huge financialization of the economy brought us?”  (Rortybomb)

Container ship owners are bringing their ships out of mothballs.  (The Money Game)

Decent growth in trucking volume in January.  (Calculated Risk)

On double dip watch as economic indicators come in worse than expected. (Money Supply)

On the use of housing as a leading economic indicator.  (Calculated Risk)

The pieces are in place for a second wave down in home prices.  (Felix Salmon)

Umair Haque, “The real roots of the crisis aren’t about liquidity requirements, reserve ratios, or monetary transmission mechanisms. No amount of regulation or rule-making can fix it. And mere “growth” in GDP, as we’re discovering, isn’t a cure for it.”  (HBR)

Simon Johnson, “It is in the interests of both the United States and global economic prosperity that China discontinues its massive intervention in the market for renminbi.”  (Baseline Scenario)

The municipal financial crisis is spreading.  (Distressed Volatility)

China may have its own muni crisis.  (Curious Capitalist)

Ten things James Altucher learned trading with Victor Niederhoffer.  (Financial Adviser)

Commission-free trades are no bargain if it changes your trading.  (Forbes)

Can the Startup Visa Act become law?  (A VC)

Adventures in PR.  Getting credit for doing what you are already doing.  (peHUB, Infectious Greed)

Why “nuanced voices” are persona non grata at CNBC.  (Big Picture)

Ten financial blogs you need to bookmark now.  (WSJ also Abnormal Returns)

Social media can help established media brands like The New York Times.  (The Big Money)

The problem with reading non-fiction on the Kindle.  (Felix Salmon)

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