David Weidner writing at WSJ.com has a list of “Ten Wall Street Blogs You Need to Bookmark Now.”  This list is a good one and we read all ten blogs on a daily basis. He writes:

These homespun sites break news, offer wit and insight that wasn’t even available a few years ago. Some have risen to the point of being must-reads on a daily basis.

Apparently it took the acquisition of footnoted.org by Morningstar to make the blogosphere legitimate in Mr. Weidner’s eyes. Back in 2006 Mr. Weidner wasn’t all that impressed with the financial blogosphere, even though the likes of Michelle Leder were already actively blogging.  Indeed he was downright disdainful of “pixel stained wretches” who felt the need to blog back then.  As Weidner wrote at Marketwatch.com:

By now you’ve heard just about all you can take about blogs. You know, the amateurish web sites that the media keeps yabbering on about, but no one actually reads.

Put your fingers in your eyes because here comes more yabber.

Wall Street blogs are sprouting up everywhere. Some are good. Some are funny. Some are boring and some, by comparison, make the stock tables in the back of the newspaper read like poetry.

When someone creates editing software that keeps bloggers from spewing what you wouldn’t bother telling your dog, that, folks, is going to be a revolution.

I am not sure how to take this.  Has the financial blogosphere grown up enough to meet Mr. Weidner’s high journalistic standards?  Or is he, as the kids these days say, simply angling for pageviews?  Either way, glad to know that Weidner is now on board.

Given his change of heart maybe we should start following @davidweidner on Twitter for his insights on all manner of topics including this gem from last week:

Disappointing that Tiger didn’t mention if he’s going to hike interest rates further or approve the Volcker Rule.

How cutting edge, a Tiger Woods joke with a financial twist.  That sounds almost “amateurish.”  I wonder whether Twitter needs “editing software” to keep Mr. Weidner from “spewing what you wouldn’t bother telling your dog.”

In any event, welcome to the revolution Mr. Weidner.

PS Love the Twitter background with Angus Young of AC/DC.  Very professional.