We hope you are enjoying our ongoing series of screencasts.  The Screenr functionality at Chart.ly is well worth a look for anyone looking to illustrate their investment ideas.

We have linked below to our screencasts from the week ended July 16th.  Below you can find our most recent screencast embedded.  Please feel free to contact us with questions and/or feedback.

Monday, July 12th:  SPX:  Can the S&P 500 stocks continue to trade in lock-step with each other?

Monday, July 12th:  GLD:  Be cautious when you hear that hedge funds are buying a security. You may not have the big picture.

Tuesday, July 13th:  EMB:  Are the new PIMCO bond indices going to affect the way money flows through the global bond markets?

Wednesday, July 14th:  VXX:  Why hedging tail risks with VIX-related products is not all it is cracked up to be.

Thursday, July 15th:  DJIA:  A current paradox:  markets have provided low returns in a time of unprecedented investor democracy.

Friday July 16th:  STUDY:  Research indicates that buying on the open in high attention stocks is not necessarily a good move.