Business is good for permabear analysts these days.  (NYTimes, Big Picture)

Breaking the buck was a real possibility for many money market mutual funds in the midst of the crisis.  (WSJ)

What are the transports telling us about the market as a whole?  (The Reformed Broker)

The MLP meme goes big time.  (WSJ earlier Abnormal Returns)

Warren Buffett is positioning his bond portfolio for inflation.  (Bloomberg, Money Game)

Quite a week for stock buyback (announcements).  (24/7 Wall St.)

Evidence for a retail-led bond bubble.  (Fundmastery Blog, Zero Hedge also WSJ)

Want to play the slope of the yield curve?  There is an ETN for that.  (ETFdb)

Is an M&A boom a brewin’?  (CNBC)

Are structured notes the next bubble?  (Bloomberg)

Some details behind the booming emerging market bond markets.  (beyondbrics also ETFdb)

A commodity index ETF that focuses on commodities in backwardation.  (IndexUniverse)

Weekly options have taken off.  (VIX and More)

Picking strike prices for your stock replacement strategy.  (Tyler’s Trading)

Markets change.  Does your trading methodology take this into account?  (Abnormal Returns also Investing With Options)

The real Mark Hurd scandal:  just how bad the HP board really is.  (The Corporate Library also SAI, DailyFinance)

Is Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) now a bargain?  (Crossing Wall Street also Afraid to Trade)

The GM purchase of Americredit is all about the forthcoming IPO.  (NYTimes)

KKR (KKR) pulls the plug on a proposed stock offering.  (WSJ, peHUB)

What role does funding risk play in the cross-section of stock prices?  (SSRN)

What return factors show up in German stock returns?  (CXO Advisory Group)

Remember that spike in oil prices last year?  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

More responses on how to invest in a deflationary environment.  (Street Capitalist, Random Roger)

What do CPI and the CRB tells us (if anything) about deflation?  (Big Picture)

The OECD Composite Leading Indicator is rolling over.  (Data Diary)

Evidence builds for a new recession, a year out.  (Economist’s View, Free exchange, Real Time Economics, Street Sweep)

Two more surveys indicate poor business sentiment.  (Real Time Economics, Calculated Risk)

Rail traffic continues to recover, albeit slowly.  (Calculated Risk, Pragmatic Capitalism)

Discounting the effects of quantitative easing.  (Aleph Blog)

Mohamed El-Erian thinks the Fed can’t do much at this point.  (CNBC, Bloomberg, DJ Market Talk)

Inflation is, at best, a distant worry.   (Econbrowser)

Productivity fell in Q2.  (WSJ, Bloomberg, Atlantic Business)

The unemployment issue needs to be addressed before the stock market can truly move.  (TheStreet, Lex also DJ Market Talk)

Are jobs going wanting because employers have unrealistic pay demands?  (Slate also EconomPic Data)

On the difference between “can’t” and “won’t.” (Kid Dynamite)

What investors really want.  (Meir Statman)

How index fund advocate Richard Ferri allocates his portfolio.  (Bucks Blog)

On the differences between managing your own money vs. other people’s money.  (Charts Gone Wild)

A tech IPO boom is imminent, if you have a brand name.  (GigaOM, FT Alphaville)

A lesson in how not to value Apple (AAPL).  (Fortune)

The stock market is hoping that Netflix (NFLX) can do what few companies have done before.  (AR Screencast)

fflick is StockTwits for movies.  (Speakeasy)

Is the “user generated revolution” stalling?  (Newsweek)

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