In today’s screencast we revisit the situation at Netflix (NFLX).  It may seem odd that we are returning to the case of Netflix so soon after doing a screencast just a month ago.  However it has been an interesting month for the company and the stock.  After selling off after its earnings release Netflix stock has bounced back.*

Maybe more importantly the company has continued to sign deals to provide additional content for its streaming service.  In doing so the company is trying to do what few others have done before:  transition from an analog (DVD by mail) to a digital (video streaming) business model.  It is our thesis that the market is rife with “Netflix fans” who are hoping the company can successfully (and profitably) pull it off.  In the meantime it will have to deal with competition from the low-end from the likes of Redbox, i.e. CoinStar (CSTR).

*No position in Netflix stock.

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