The David Tepper rally.  (Dealbreaker, Pragmatic Capitalism, NetNet, Market Folly)

Resistance has become support.  (Stock Rabbi also Trader’s Narrative)

Has macro investing killed stock picking?  (WSJ, Money Game, Capital Spectator)

Has sentiment gotten a touch too frothy?  (Marketwatch)

Should we care about market volume?  (DailyFinance, Bespoke)

$#*! My Debt Says.  (The Reformed Broker also Bloomberg)

Hard to find cheap “bear insurance” these days.  (FT Alphaville)

Jeff Carter, “I hate gold. But the stuff acts like it is powered by helium.”  (Points and Figures)

On the importance of “playing for dollars, not dimes.”  (Dynamic Hedge)

A volume-based chart of the day of the Flash Crash.  (Felix Salmon)

Some explanations for the state of higher correlations.  (NetNet)

A bull market in option expirations.  (Daily Options Report)

Backtesting a strategy that got through the credit crisis with flying colors.  (VIX and More)

Comparing the StockTwits 50 and IBD 100 lists.  (The Cynical Advisor)

Research indicates that historical private equity returns are no great shakes.  (WSJ also Aleph Blog)

Be afraid.  Blackstone (BX) exec says a $10 billion buyout is now possible.  (Dealbook)

How big a deal is the location of corporate cash?  (Zero Hedge, Money Game)

Interested in Disney shares? Think Sports Center. Not Mickey Mouse.”  (YCharts Blog)

MLPs in an ETF wrapper are more complicated than you think.  (TheStreet)

On the attraction of merger arbitrage funds.  (Economist)

More thoughts on ETF implosion meme.  (Kid Dynamite, A Dash of Insight)

More on the paradoxical appeal of adding capital to a strategy that is underperforming.  (Systematic Relative Strength, Options for Rookies)

Swapping circuit breakers for a limit-up/limit-down model.  (WSJ, NYTimes)

A mixed picture for durable goods orders.  (Bloomberg, EconomPic Data)

Having new home sales hit a new (low) normal?  (Atlantic Business)

Volcker takes just about everybody to task for the credit crisis.  (Real Time Economics also DJ Market Talk)

What is the upshot of all this currency intervention?  (Economist)

Petrobras (PBR) prices the largest share offering ever.  (WSJ, Money Game)

On the evolving relationship between China and Brazil.  (Reuters)

Taxes and the HENRYs.  (Baseline Scenario, Justin Fox)

Finance risk and “innovation waves.”  (designing better futures)

A repeat, but still good.  Six rules from Michael Steinhardt.  (Kirk Report)

How StockTwits is like a coffee house:  a place where ideas get formed.  (My Investment Analysis)

On Wall Street the reaction to the news (and to the movie Wall Street:  Money Never Sleeps) is more interesting than the news itself.  (AR Screencast)

Why companies should insist employees take a nap.  (HBR)

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