Often on Wall Street the reaction to the news is more important than the actual news.  The same might be said about the reviews for the new Oliver Stone film, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. The reviews for sequel to the 1987 film Wall Street are at best a mixed bag.  For many on Wall Street the first film is an important touchstone.  Therefore the new film is highly anticipated (and scrutinized).

Some reviewers are disappointed that the film was not more hard hitting towards Wall Street.  In short, they want a documentary on the credit crisis and not Stone’s fictionalized version.  In any event it will unlikely keep fans of the original film from watching Stone’s latest take on Wall Street.  In today’s screencast we review the reviewers for the new Wall Street.

Posts mentioned in the above screencast:

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“For markets to work best for everyone, every banker must be, in the words of another Wall Street character, “just one trade away from humility.”  (Lex)

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