Quote of the day

Josh Brown, “Stop everything and watch Egypt.” (The Reformed Broker)

Chart of the day

Ford (F) unveils the best earnings in a decade.  Stock tanks.  (NYTimes, Crossing Wall Street, chart: Finviz)


81% of NYSE stocks are above their 200-day moving average.  (Bloomberg)

A world valuation heat map.  (Seeking Delta via dshort)

February is nearly here – a seasonality map.  (MarketSci Blog)

John Paulson had a spectacular year despite only solid performance.  (WSJ, Dealbreaker)

How one “small” trader roiled the gold futures market.  (WSJ)


Like the weather, market conditions can change in an instant.  (the research puzzle)

Are we all swing traders now?  (The Minimalist Trader)

Sometimes it is appropriate to add some risk and “press a winner.”  (Daily Options Report)

On the duality between “perceived stability and potential instability.”  (Bigger Capital)


The tension facing the business model of Amazon (AMZN).  (the research puzzle)

Sara Lee (SLE) to split into two companies.  (Dealbook, Deal Journal)

The stocks the new actively managed short-only ETF is shorting.  (Herb Greenberg, IndexUniverse)


Finance is not the engine of capitalism.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

On the nascent bank lending recovery.  (FT Alphaville)

Emerging markets

Have you ever looked at the Egyptian economy?  (FT Alphaville)

Tread carefully in the frontier markets.  (beyondbrics)

Poland remains a growth standout.  (beyondbrics)

Global X continues to roll out emerging market ETFs.  (IndexUniverse)


4Q GDP misses, but final sales surge.  (Free exchange, Carpe Diem, EconomPic Data, Econbrowser, Calculated Risk)

The US economy has shifted from recovery to expansion.  (Money Game, Bespoke, Crossing Wall Street)

Rail traffic continues to expand at a moderate rate.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Pay attention to what companies are saying, not the Fed.  (Jeff Matthews)

How much of recent inflation is due to simple bad luck?  (Points and Figures)

A positive review of Tyler Cowen’s The Great Stagnation.  (Free exchange)

Also on Abnormal Returns

Do we make the asset allocation process more complicated than it needs to be?  (AR Screencast)

We talk ‘sideways markets’ on ARTV with Vitaliy Katsenelson.  (Abnormal Returns)

Friday morning linkfest look-in.  (Abnormal Returns)

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