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Since our memories are flawed it is vitally important for investors to keep a record of their trading activity so that one can “half guarantee a correct analysis of our past actions.”  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Feeding the content machine that is Demand Media (DMD).  (Businessweek)

An interview with Farnam Street.  (Curiosity Blog)

On the importance (and limitations) of a “genius” founder on a company.  (Newsweek)

Robert Shiller recommends five books to understand “human traits essential to capitalism.”  (The Browser)

Richard Thaler rethinks regulation.  (Nudge Blog)

Scott Adams floats some really “bad ideas” on how fix the budget deficit.  (WSJ)

Can we lower medical costs by giving the neediest patients better care?  (New Yorker via LongReads)

How the first cable was laid across the Atlantic.  (Wired UK via The Brower)

Are humans nearing peak athletic performance?  (Boston Globe via Arts & Letters Daily)

Can the NFL survive the ‘concussion crisis’?  (New Yorker)

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