Good morning and welcome to another edition of our early morning linkfest.  Tell us what you think.

Buffett vs. Lampert:  a tale of two investor letters.  (Jeff Matthews)

Jeff Miller, “If you do not know how to deal with a correction during an extended rally, you do not have a system.  You are just guessing.”  (A Dash of Insight)

Step one for the JP Morgan Chase (JPM) social media fund – invest in Twitter.  (FT, Dealbook, WSJ, TechCrunch)

The battle for software engineers is heating up.  (WSJ)

Housing aside, most of the U.S. economic data last week was positive.  (Calculated Risk)

The impact of further unrest on oil prices, equities and government yields.  (Gavyn Davies)

Tim Duy, “The economy can’t withstand another quick run to $140 a barrel, and I suddenly feel that we are at a tipping point to brings such a run into view. ”  (Economist’s View)

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