Zack Miller at Tradestreaming recently put a post entitled:  3 best websites for ETFs.  All lists like this are a matter of personal preference and not surprisingly our list differs from Zack’s.  Looking at Zack’s list All ETF seems promising, although we have not played around with it much.  We also make use of the ETF resources over at Morningstar.

We figured we go one better, or bigger, by naming four ‘A-list‘ ETF sites we like.  Fortunately for these ETF-focused sites there is no shortage of material.  Between a constant stream of fund launches, index rebalancings and a plethora of data the ETF space is rife with potential content.

Without any further delay here are some of our favorite sites for ETFs:

  1. IndexUniverseMatt Hougan and the crew here provide a wealth of data, like the new ETF Classification System, in addition to a steady stream of news and analysis.  This post by Dave Nadig on the PowerShares QQQ (QQQ) rebalancing is typical of their output.
  2. ETFdb – Is another one-stop shop for ETF information.  The site includes an range of tools including an ETF database.  The site also provides coverage of the ETF industry like this one on the launch of two new ProShares short Treasury ETFs.
  3. ETFreplay – The site’s tagline is a “visualization tool for investors” which is an apt description.  They provide a whole host of visually interesting tools, including a backtesting tool.  Commentary is a little sporadic, but this piece on first day of the month tendencies is interesting.
  4. Kid Dynamite – Kid Dynamite is the only blogger, per se, on this list.  Although he blogs about a range of topics, including toilets, Kid Dynamite is at his best explaining the inner workings of ETFs.  These posts on the QQQ rebalancing and the math underlying leveraged ETFs are both good example of his work.

This list, like everything else, is a matter of personal preference.  Our list differs from Zack’s and very likely differs from yours.  Feel free to use the comments to add other ETF-related sites our readers might enjoy.