Is it finally time for megacaps to shine?  Megacap stocks have underperformed their smaller cap brethren during this most recent rally.  So much so that they are trading at 20% discount to the broader market which is the cheapest they have been in some 25 years.  With the summer months ahead of us it may be time to start digging around the megacaps including the big technology and pharmaceutical names that many have forgotten about.  In today’s screencast another look at the megacap sector.

Items mentioned in the above screencast:

Look to the “big n’ boring” companies in the second half of the year.  (The Reformed Broker)

Megacaps have never been cheaper on a relative basis.  (Buttonwood)

Megacaps have lagged their smaller cousins during this rally.  (StockCharts)

Daily price chart of the Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Index ETF (MGC).  (Finviz)