For the first time in a very long time, actually ever, Abnormal Returns is on hiatus for the week.  In the meantime I wanted to continue to provide our readers with some interesting content. To that end I asked some independent investment bloggers five questions.  We will publishing the answers daily throughout the week.  Please feel free to add your own answers in the comments below.

Check out the answers to our Wednesday question –  If you had to put your portfolio into a blind trust who (any investor/trader/institution) would you hire to manage it?

Thursday – If you could only read one blog, not Abnormal Returns, what would it be?

Downtown Josh Brown’s The Reformed Broker just squeezed past Barry Ritholtz’s The Big Picture.  Nice support also for Calculated Risk, Aleph Blog, CXOAG and Pragmatic Capitalism.  In short, it looks a lot like our linkfests.

The Reformed Broker led the way with votes from: Scott Bell I Heart Wall Street, Kid Dynamite Kid Dynamite’s World, Jerry KhachoyanTheArmoTrader, Phil Pearlman Phil Pearlman, Robert SinnStock Sage, Erik Swarts Market Anthropology

The Big Picture came in a close second with votes from:  Stephen CastellanoCastellano, Bill LubyVIX and More, MacroMonGlobal Macro Monitor, David Merkel Aleph Blog, Steven Place – Investing With Options

Calculated Risk via Jeff MillerA Dash of Insight, Barry RitholtzThe Big Picture, Todd SullivanValue Plays

Aleph Blog via Tom Brakkethe research puzzle, The AnalystStone Street Advisors

CXO Advisory Group via Meb FaberWorld Beta, Jared WoodardCondor Options

The Kirk ReportDerek HernquistDerek Hernquist, Charles E. KirkThe Kirk Report

Pragmatic Capitalism via Dynamic HedgeDynamic Hedge, Frank Zorrilla ZorTrades

Alphatrends via John Lee Charts Gone Wild

The Browser via Miguel BarbosaSimoleon Sense

Joe Weisenthal at Business Insider via Eddy ElfeinbeinCrossing Wall Street

Credit Writedowns via Roger NusbaumRandom Roger Blog

The Fly at ibankcoin.comSean McLaughlinChicago Sean

Financial Philosopher via David ShvartsmanFinance Trends Matter

FT Alphaville via Downtown Josh BrownThe Reformed Broker

Fund My Mutual Fund IvanhoffIvanhoff Capital

I Heart Wall Street via Zack Miller Tradestreaming

Instapundit Jeff CarterPoints and Figures

Felix Salmon at Reuters via Mick WeinsteinCovestor Blog

Seeking Alpha’s Market Currents via Cullen Roche – Pragmatic Capitalism

Tech Trader Daily at Barrons.comRob Tech Insidr

Tomorrow we ask bloggers what they would be doing if they were not involved in the markets.