For the first time in a very long time, actually ever, Abnormal Returns is on hiatus for the week.  In the meantime I wanted to continue to provide our readers with some interesting content. To that end I asked some independent investment bloggers five questions.  We will publishing the answers daily throughout the week.  Please feel free to add your own answers in the comments below.

Check out the answers to our Thursday question –  If you could only read one blog, not Abnormal Returns, what would it be?

Friday – If you were not involved with the markets in some way what you would you be doing instead?

Being a blogger requires an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to write.  A number of bloggers note their interest in writing about subjects other than finance.  Not surprisingly another group of bloggers would be interested in a variety of entrepreneurial pursuits.  In short, bloggers aren’t interested in working for “The Man.” Lightly edited answers follow alphabetically.

“Either something involving creativity (journalism, independent documentaries, music producer, comedy) or something entrepreneurial.” – Miguel BarbosaSimoleon Sense

“Inventing things to sell on late night informercials.” – Scott Bell I Heart Wall Street

“If I wasn’t working in the markets, I’d be writing about something else.” – Tom Brakke the research puzzle

I’d be writing full-time and probably doing something media-related.  And investing / trading for myself with every spare moment I could find!  Or maybe I’d be a professional rapper.  Not sure actually, could go either way.” – Downtown Josh BrownThe Reformed Broker

“Outward Bound Leader in the Sierra Nevadas” – Stephen CastellanoCastellano

“Professional Skier” – Dynamic HedgeDynamic Hedge

“Gentleman Farmer” – Kid Dynamite Kid Dynamite’s World

“President of the IMF” – Eddy ElfeinbeinCrossing Wall Street

“Back to my biotech/genetics background.” – Meb FaberWorld Beta

High school math teacher and coach.” – Derek Hernquist Derek Hernquist

Write scripts for TV shows and movies.” –  Ivanhoff Ivanhoff Capital

So hard to answer. But I probably would have something to do with opening up or running a business.” – Jerry KhachoyanTheArmoTrader

I would love to be a small business entrepreneur. In recent years I have already started doing this and really enjoy it. Creating something from nothing and watching it grow can be wonderful.” – Charles E. KirkThe Kirk Report

“Working on “killer apps” which marries the mobile/wireless revolution with the healthcare/medical industry.”  – MacroMonGlobal Macro Monitor

I’d probably be working in the Music Industry.” – Sean McLaughlinChicago Sean

“I would try to help people in other ways, like what Oprah does but better.” – MeenaInsider Monkey

I would either try starting a business, or retrain as a scientist.  Starting my own investment shop gives me new respect for all that goes into it.  Math and science were my strongest subjects – I would enjoy going back to those and applying them.” –  David MerkelAleph Blog

“I would be a college prof — teaching public policy and advising government agencies.  I would probably be writing a blog, but one that analyzed policy alternatives.” – Jeff MillerA Dash of Insight

While I can’t imagine not working in the business my interests involve my involvement as a volunteer firefighter, I might also try to get involved working in minor league sports or coaching high school sports.” – Roger NusbaumRandom Roger Blog

“Teaching or playing poker.” – Phil Pearlman Phil Pearlman

“I would like to have more time to prepare for marathons and travel to places that do not involve business whatsoever.” – John LeeCharts Gone Wild

Angel investor and/or thru hiker.”  – Bill LubyVIX and More

Building a kickass internet business.” – Zack MillerTradestreaming

“Running a startup.”  – Steven Place – Investing With Options

“Surfing in Hawaii and traveling.” – Barry Ritholtz The Big Picture

I would start getting more involved in Internet Marketing – extremely competitive and lucrative industry.” – Rob Tech Insidr

“Hunting yellowtails off the coast of La Jolla.  Well, only part-time.  The markets will always be a part of my life.  I hope to start some sort of financial education firm at some point in my life.  The misconceptions and general lack of knowledge out there is staggering…” – Cullen Roche – Pragmatic Capitalism

Maybe a broke writer or a struggling entrepreneur (as long as it’s meaningful, self-directed work).”  – David ShvartsmanFinance Trends Matter

Relaxing on a beach playing chess, sipping on something fruity and alcoholic.” – Robert SinnStock Sage

Wow……not sure but I know I would not be satisfied in whatever it was.” – Todd Sullivan Value Plays

I have always enjoyed working with my hands and design work. I did a few small residential development projects back when there was a stable housing market. I could see myself sticking my toes back in when the market returns.” – Erik Swarts Market Anthropology

Aspiring stand-up comedian or (very tasteful) porn producer.  My parents would no-doubt say lawyer, but the whole “law school” thing doesn’t seem like much fun to me, judging from my friends’ experiences.” – The AnalystStone Street Advisors

It would be something else in online media, trying to create more signal from noise…” – Mick WeinsteinCovestor Blog

Writing and reading academic philosophy, especially in metaphysics and the philosophy of economics.” – Jared WoodardCondor Options

“I would own a small business.”  – Frank Zorrilla ZorTrades

Thanks again to all the bloggers who participated.  We have received great feedback and I think it provided some  insights into the way bloggers think.