It’s a little late for Spring Cleaning, but it is time to clear out some books here at Abnormal Returns HQ.  Two reasons.  One is that I am sick of looking at a big stack of relatively new finance books in my office.  Second, I don’t have any time to read any new books because I am writing a book of my own.

I recently signed a contract with McGraw-Hill to write an investment book based in part on things I have learned in the past five, almost six years, in blogging here at Abnormal Returns.  The book is tentatively titled:  Abnormal Returns:  Successful Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investment Blogosphere.  The first draft is progressing, with about 33% of it written to-date.  Look for it everywhere, and I mean everywhere, in 2012.

A quick moment of thanks.  I would not be in the position to write a real book were it not for the support I have received over the life of this blog.  Abnormal Returns has garnered its share of accolades over time, but the kind words from readers are the best e-mails we receive.  So as a way of thanks I want to conduct another book giveaway.

For those of you new to the blog here is how our book giveaways work.

  1. Send me an e-mail at tadas—at— with “Book giveaway” in the subject line by 10AM EDT Friday July 15th, 10AM EDT Thursday, July 14th.
  2. Swear a solemn oath that you will buy our book when it comes out [just kidding, likely not enforceable].
  3. You MUST have a US mailing address…sorry overseas readers we are on a budget here.
  4. We will conduct a random drawing to select the winners – about a dozen or so.
  5. The lucky winners will be contacted by e-mail with the details on how to receive your book, free of charge.

There are number of other ways you can show you support for Abnormal Returns.  Subscribe to our RSS feed, subscribe to our e-mail list, follow us on StockTwits and/or Twitter or check us out on the StockTwits Blog Network.

Update:  The book giveaway contest is now closed.  The winners have been notified via e-mail.