Quote of the day

Izabella Kaminska, “ETFs are only cheap for one reason. Because providers want to attract your capital so as to use it for themselves in ancillary activities.”  (FT Alphaville)

Chart of the day

JPMorgan Chase Price Stock Chart

Bank stocks cannot get out of their own way.  (MarketBeat, Deal Journal)


A preview of the coming earnings season.  (Bespoke)

Lumber is climbing on increased export demand.  (24/7 Wall St.)

The bond bears will be correct…one day.  (MarketBeat)


After-tax returns matter.  (InvestmentNews)

Want higher trading profits?  Lower your commissions.  (The Minimalist Trader)

Trading is hard.  How to make sure you don’t burn out.  (HCPG)

Trading earnings is a minefield.  (UpsideTrader)


Beware divergences between earnings and cash flow.  (research puzzle pix)

The menu of asset allocation options keeps getting longer.  (Capital Spectator)

Another look at the performance of the “magic formula.”  (Empirical Finance Blog)


Optimistic stories about pharmaceutical pipelines are rare these days.  This is one of them.  (WSJ)

How LivingSocial got the jump on Groupon.  (The Reformed Broker)

If this is a tech bubble it still has a ways to go.  (Fortune)


Companies, not unlike most investors, buy high and sell low.  (Fortune)

CME Group ($CME) is set to trade Yuan futures.  (Crain’s Chicago)

Bank interconnectedness illustrated.  (Planet Money, FT Alphaville)

For all you SEC filing geeks, some statistics.  (footnoted)


Bruce Berkowitz isn’t sure he wants to play activist investor again.  (InvestmentNews)

What next for volatility ETPs?  (IndexUniverse)

Coming to a theater near you.  A global convertible bond ETF.  (IndexUniverse)


How many last minutes save does Europe have left?  (Stock Sage)

Why did it take so long for the world to wake up to the risks of Italy?  (The Source)

Swiss companies are taking advantage of the strong franc to conduct M&A.  (The Source, Dealbook)

Kicking Greece to the curb is once again an option.  (Pragmatic Capitalism, Credit Writedowns)


Still no sign of US inflation.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Can the economy ever get back to its potential output?  (Economist’s View)

The backdrop for the US economy is very different than it was last year.  (Gavyn Davies)

How many new jobs will it take to keep the unemployment rate steady?  (Calculated Risk)

Looking down the road to a better economy.  (Bonddad Blog)

Rail traffic is no great shakes.  (Calculated Risk)

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Mixed media

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