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Five ways to deal with today’s market from Barry Ritholtz.  (Big Picture)

Bear flags abound.  (UpsideTrader)

Why the market wants to move lower.  (Joe Fahmy)

The S&P 500 is trading at 10.6x next year’s earnings.  Do earnings estimates have to come down?  (WSJ)

Keep an eye on China’s stock market as an leading indicator as it retests the lows.  (Data Diary)

A final resolution to the Euromess is closer than you think.  (Telegraph UK via Money Game)

Oil prices are falling, but it takes some time for oil price increases to work their way through the economy.  (Econbrowser)

Review and Preview

A look back at a rough week in the markets.  (Global Macro Monitor)

The gap between the economy and investor perceptions keeps widening out.  (A Dash of Insight)

The economic schedule for the week ahead.  (Calculated Risk)

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