The Fed is meeting as we speak and is expected to announce any changes in its policy around 2:15 PM Eastern time.  Below are some of the links we came across today in anticipation of the end of the FOMC meeting.

FOMC previews

Don’t be short in front of the FOMC announcement says David Rosenberg.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

What the Street expects.  (Zero Hedge)

Markets are not positioned for an upside Fed surprise.  (Data Diary)

The Fed can “twist” in a number of different ways.  (Crackerjack Finance)

A look at the last few FOMC days.  (Dynamic Hedge)

Fed days in the week after the September options expiration.  (Quantifiable Edges)

Don’t expect a miracle from the Fed.  (Humble Student)

Earlier today:

A preview of the FOMC meeting.  (Money Game)

Market-based inflation expectations are in full retreat.  (Capital Spectator)

Even Operation Twist may not bring mortgage rates down much further.  (WSJ)