Quote of the day

Martin Wolf, “The eurozone then cannot stay where it is, cannot undo what it has done and finds it traumatic to go forward.”  (FT)

Chart of the day

Talk about kicking a guy when he is down. Moody’s downgrades Bank of America ($BAC). (MarketBeat, Deal Journal, Zero Hedge)


A look at the Investor’s Intelligence survey numbers.  (Big Picture)

Insiders have stopped buying shares.  (IndexUniverse)

Keeping an eye on the downside risk from copper and oil.  (Dr. Ed’s Blog)


Jeremy Grantham is now looking at equity opportunities outside the US. (Marketwatch via Focus on Funds)

Two very different approaches to trading.  (Tyler’s Trading)

Disclosures don’t work when it comes to conflicts of interest.  (Wealthfront)


Stock investors price downside risk.  (SSRN via CXOAG)

Markets are efficient only if P=NP.  (SSRN via Big Picture)

A look at hedge fund betas and alphas.  (Insider Monkey)

How financial investment has changed the oil futures market.  (Econbrowser)


Five (important) lessons learned.  (The Financial Philosopher via Crosshairs Trader)

On the art of balancing goals with resources.  (Bucks Blog)

How to get yourself out of an investing rut.  (Economic Musings)


Goodbye Rydex ETFs, hello Guggenheim.  (ETFdb, InvestmentNews)

The most “impossibly” named ETN, ever.  (IndexUniverse)

For any one in need of a soybean ETF.  (IndexUniverse)


Apple ($AAPL) should wexplain what they want to do with their “iEndowment.”  (Tech Trader Daily)

Apple is going to continue to be dogged by emerging market copycats.  (beyondbrics)

What kind of pop might Pepsi ($PEP) see if it broke itself up?  (Bloomberg)


If you can’t take Manchester United public what can you take public?  (Deal Journal)

SABMiller buys Fosters.  How long before we have one big BEER company?  (Dealbook)

Is China going to clamp down the on the structure companies use to go public in the US?  (Money Game)

Should corporate directors be licensed?  (Dealbook)

Yahoo’s ($YHOO) board isn’t the worst in America, but it is pretty weak.  (Dealbook)


Ireland has disengaged from its troubled neighbors.  (The Source)

Emerging markets are the new developed markets, just not how you think.  (beyondbrics)

It matters a great deal who holds a country’s debt.  (Global Macro Monitor)

China won’t sell Treasuries any time soon.  (Aleph Blog)


Housing=Greece:  discuss.  (Real Time Economics)

A look at US capital consumption.  (macrofugue, Modeled Behavior)

Americans are bummed about the economy.  (Money & Co.)

Topological maps of policy solutions for the weak economy.  (Rortybomb)

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In praise of Michael Dever’s new book Jackass Investing.  (World Beta)

An interview with Larry Light author of Taming the Beast.  (Value Walk)

Mixed media

Don’t look to Washington for real innovation.  (Points and Figures)

The Full Tilt poker/ponzi story is bad.  (WSJ, Deal Journal, The Atlantic, Felix Salmon, Kid Dynamite)

Popular entertainment reflects consumer sentiment.  (Phil Pearlman)

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