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Quote of the morning

DH, “Remember, in a crash situation, the market isn’t waiting for buyers to come in, it’s waiting for sellers to run out.”  (Dynamic Hedge)


Putting risk into perspective.  This is not 2008.  (SurlyTrader)

If FedEx ($FDX) is your bellwether worse times are ahead.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Bear markets make us all feel stupid.  (Contrarian Edge)

Walking and talking examples of confirmation bias.  (Kid Dynamite)


Emerging markets are not immune from the selling.  (WSJ)

The US dollar (and Japanese Yen) are ascendent.  (Bespoke, WSJ also Dragonfly Capital)

A sign of panic in the Eurozone. German CDS prices on the rise. (The Street Light)


Good luck MegHewlett-Packard ($HPQ) has a new CEO.   (Deal Journal, SplatF, TechCrunch, WSJ, Felix Salmon)

Good work if you can it.  Apotheker walks away with $25 million for 11 months work.  (CNNMoney)

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