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Quote of the morning

Jesse Eisinger, “Yes, Morgan Stanley by any measure is a safe and solid investment bank. Except for one: The amount of trust people have in the whole financial and political system. It’s just about zero.”  (ProPublica)

Chart of the morning

Check out the $VIX relative to its 10 day moving average.  (@jackdamn)

The rest

Investors are looking far and wide for junk bond-like returns.  (WSJ)

Investors are not too picky about their hedge fund allocations these days.  (All About Alpha)

AlphaClone has an ETF in the works.  (IndexUniverse)

PepsiCo ($PEP) would like you to stop asking about a Frito-Lay spinoff.  (Deal Journal)

Reasons for optimism on the bank front.  (WSJ)

Trade growth in China is slowing.  (FT)

The mixed bag that is the economy.  (Capital Spectator)

The 99% and the “false consensus effect.”  (Falkenblog)

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