The economic and financial blogosphere is an imperfect meritocracy.  In the case of Josh Brown’s The Reformed Broker it is working perfectly.  Josh through an equal application of humor, smarts, honesty and a great deal of hard work he has turned his blog into a multi-media powerhouse.

We normally just mention notable blogiversaries in the daily linkfest, but the third blogiversary of The Reformed Broker is an occasion worthy of a standalone post.  It is rarity to find some one who is good at their craft as Josh is and who is also so generous with their time and attention.  Josh has done stuff like The Periodic Table of Finance Bloggers or Financial Blog Wars that helps readers get a handle on the blogosphere.  He is oftentimes first to provide publicity and exposure to a worthy new blogger.  Or he generously acknowledges the work of a tired, grizzled veteran of the blogosphere.

Normally most professionals are loathe to give away their “secret sauce” but Josh has provided every aspiring financial blogger the roadmap on how to create a better finance blog.  In a series of posts he gives you a veritable Chicago Manual of Style for financial blogging.  They say that the essence of blogging is linking out and Josh is not afraid to send his readers wherever he sees the best work being done.

So head on over to The Reformed Broker and leave Josh a note on how much you appreciate his work.  While you are at it why don’t you click over to Amazon and pre-order his book Backstage Wall Street: An Insider’s Guide to Knowing Who to Trust, Who to Run From, and How to Maximize Your Investments while you are at it.*  If Josh’s book is half as good as his blog it would be worth paying full price.

PS And you if you haven’t caught an edition of “The Rock Show” on Josh’s Twitter stream you are missing something awesome.

*Amazon affiliate. You know the drill.