Quote of the day

Carl Richards, “Risk is an arbitrary concept, until you experience it. And I’ve noticed myself focusing more on the consequences of something going wrong than just the probability of that happening.”  (NYTimes)

Chart of the day

Homebuilders and regional banks are trading together.  (StockCharts.com Blog)


The “bravest investor wins” era is over.  (Interloper)

Year-end rallies keep coming earlier.  (Mark Hulbert)

Forex trading models have broken down of late.  (WSJ)

In praise of candlestick charts.  (Tyler’s Trading)

Personal finance

How volatility helps in estate planning.  (WSJ)

Why investors need to use “broader framing” when thinking about their portfolios.  (CNNMoney)

How does the “planning fallacy” affect how advisers deal with clients?  (Above the Market)


The end of mobile Flash is nigh. What it means for Adobe ($ADBE).  (SplatF, The Orange View)

Bad news on the Apple ($AAPL) front.  (SAI, Apple 2.0)

Brewers like AmBev ($BUD) have outperformed this year.  (The Source)


On the danger of borrowing to buy back stock.  (Herb Greenberg)

In case you thought the financial crisis was over, may I present Fannie Mae.  (Howard Lindzon, Kid Dynamite)

The housing finance market is still broken.  (The Atlantic)

Has Goldman Sachs ($GS) lost its trading touch?  (FT Alphaville)

Would a stronger board have saved MF Global?  (Dealbook)

Why isn’t more being made of the issue of MF Global customer accounts?  (Peter L. Brandt)


The ETF Deathwatch for November reaches a new high.  (Invest With An Edge)

Dividend indices are not created the same.  (Marketwatch)

Can Morningstar ($MORN) change the discussion around its fund ratings?  (the research puzzle)


Italy, Italy, Italy.  (Bespoke, MarketBeat, TRB, MarketBeat, Curious Capitalist, Pragmatic Capitalism, Planet Money, Stock Sage)

Is Italy in all that bad a shape?  (Money Game)

How a Eurozone breakup could happen.  (FT Alphaville, Free exchange, Wonkblog)

Would a smaller Europe make for a stronger Euro?  (Reuters)

Balanced approaches to emerging markets are gaining adherents.  (Morningstar)

Is Mongolia the next Dubai?  (The Atlantic)


Diesel fuel consumption jumped in October.  (Calculated Risk)

Some optimistic employment figures.  (macrofugue, Calafia Beach Pundit)

The hard line argument against allowing inflation to tick up.  (Real Time Economics)

A shovel ready project that is stalled.  (Econbrowser)

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