Regular readers of Abnormal Returns recognize that we do a weekly post highlighting the top clicks for the week.  As a change of pace we decided to do the same thing for the entire year of 2011.  Here are the top clicks on the site through January 29th, 2011.

  1.  Sounds like Warren Buffett is getting worried.  (Jeff Matthews – August 15th)
  2. A small hedge fund manager’s lament.  (Bronte Capital – February 24th)
  3. The ugly sentiment picture.   (The Technical Take – September 25th)
  4. Think 1938, not 2008.  (The Reformed Broker – August 4th)
  5. The power of two simple investing ideas.  (Capital Spectator – September 7th)
  6. The Fed throws in the towel and stocks surge.  (Crossing Wall Street – August 10th)
  7. The top 25 financial blogs.  (Time – March 7th)
  8. The Elevator.  (I Heart Wall Street – August 21st)
  9. The cheese moves.  (Dynamic Hedge – April 12th)
  10. The chart signals an imminent stock market crash.  (Money Game – September 19th)

Here also are our top posts that we penned during the year.

  1. Doing yourself a favor by doing less.  (October 27th)
  2. The most crowded trade in the world.  (October 15th)
  3. 5 reasons to ignore top 10 lists.  (December 15th)
  4. The 99 percent and the problem of societal underinvestment.  (December 27th)
  5. The ultimate USA downgrade linkfest.  (August 7th)
  6. Desert island blogger quiz – favorite blogs.  (June 16th)
  7. The real failure of Netflix.  (September 20th)
  8. 99 percent of people don’t want to trade.  (October 4th)
  9. The big difference between Amazon and Apple.  (September 28th)
  10. The ultimate China fraud linkfest.  (June 10th)

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