Thanks for checking in with us this weekend.  Here are the items our readers clicked most frequently on Abnormal Returns for the week ended Saturday, January 28th, 2012. The description reads per the relevant linkfest:

  1. Twenty common sense investing rules.  (The Reformed Broker)
  2. Another way to use Google Search in investing.  (Sober Look)
  3. Who is David Einhorn kidding?  (Kid Dynamite)
  4. Want to be a billionaire?  Stay in school.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)
  5. The “megatrend” that is likely to break the Wall Street brokerage model.  (Financial Adviser)
  6. More crazy Apple statistics.  (TechCrunch)
  7. Apple’s monster quarter in charts.  (SplatF)
  8. Why simple valuation metrics are often wrong.  (Aleph Blog)
  9. By this measure the stock market is looking overbought.  (Bespoke)
  10. Five risk-on indicators are all pointing up at the moment.  (Ivanhoff Capital)
  11. The $VIX futures curve is wicked steep.  (SurlyTrader)

See what you missed on the site this week:

  1. Ten word investment philosophies.  (Abnormal Returns)
  2. Nobody knows nothing: Apple ($AAPL) earnings edition.  (Abnormal Returns)
  3. What should we make of the rise of fictional finance?  (Abnormal Returns)
  4. An excerpt from Joe Terranova’s new book Buy High, Sell Higher Monday links:  impermanent plans.  (Abnormal Returns)

We were also pleased to be listed among “The Best Alternative Financial Blogs” over at CNBC’s NetNet blog.

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