The forthcoming Facebook IPO filing is generating a ton of buzz.  We collected a bunch of links on the topic.  In order not to clutter up the daily linkfest we are presenting them as a standalone post.  Enjoy.

A Facebook IPO explainer.  (Marketplace)

Some questions for Facebook IPO investors.  (Big Picture)

Is the Facebook IPO the start of something or the end?  (GigaOM)

Tracking Facebook’s valuation over time.  (Dealbook)

News flash.  The Facebook IPO will be overvalued.  (Marketwatch)

In isolation the Facebook IPO is actually bearish.  (Kid Dynamite)

Why Facebook is going public – an obscure, 50 year old law.  (NetNet)

Why do fund managers bother with such small stakes in companies like Facebook?  (Total Return)

Somebody has to manage the money for all those freshly minted Facebook millionaires.  (WSJ)

Meet Facebook’s CFO.  (AllThingsD)

The big question for Facebook:  just how much is your personal data worth?    (NYTimes)

Social media is not a “winner takes all” situation.  (A VC)

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