That may be overstating things, but we have been overwhelmed with Facebook related material. That is not altogether surprising. We ran a series of posts (part one, part wo, part three, part four) from Nancy Miller author of the The Facebook IPO Primer a couple of weeks ago knowing that this day would come. Unfortunately, for us, we will likely have to do another one of these tomorrow. Without any further ado what the Interweb is saying about Facebook on the eve of its IPO:

The Facebook IPO, upped 25% in size, has a momentum all its own.  (Dealbreaker, Dealbook)

Insiders are taking advantage of demand to sell more shares.  (Felix Salmon, Forbes, WSJ)

It is hard to find historical analogs for how Facebook ($FB) might trade.  (Ticker Sense)

How might Facebook options trade?  (Barron’s)

Howard Lindzon, “Facebook is the most exciting IPO I have watched unfold.”  (Howard Lindzon)

Another early investor is going to see big gains from the Facebook offering.  (NYTimes)

Investors are embracing a risky IPO while they flee stocks in general.  (CNNMoney)

Chris Dixon, “The key question when trying to value Facebook’s stock is: can they find another business model that generates significantly more revenue per user without hurting the user experience?”  (cdixon also Planet Money)

Mark Zuckerberg needs to “buy his company a future” with its inflated stock.  (WSJ)

Interest in Facebook as an advertising platform is “waning.”  (SAI also AllThingsD)

Facebook is is taking a much more deliberate approach to product development these days.  (WSJ)

The social media era was built by some less than social people.  (Sarah Lacy)

What if Facebook is still just version 1.0 of the social graph?  (Erick Jackson)

What does the Facebook IPO mean for you?  In short, more ads.  (Slate)

Mark Zuckerberg as “social revolutionary.”  (Forbes)

How Facebook is speeding the notion of globalization.  (AlphaVN)

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